Uncovering Payment Networks: An Anti-Money Laundering Investigation
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  Evan Clark   Evan S. Clark
  Walker Conolly   Walker Conolly


Wednesday, February 1, 2017
01:30 PM - 02:15 PM

Level:  Case Study

The speakers will narrate the thought processes and analytics they used to a uncover a ring of thousands of credit card accounts conducting suspicious transactions at a large US financial institution around the early 2010s.

The speakers will describe the entire investigative life cycle, from the initial tip-off, through the final metrics used to narrow down millions of networks, including:

  • Research into the nature of incoming payments and the assignment of bank account numbers and routing numbers
  • Discussion of assumptions made to define networks
  • Technology and process used to generate millions of networks
  • Attempted predictive modeling
  • Final predictive metrics
  • Potential to implement real-time monitoring using a graph database solution

Evan Clark is a manager in the investigative analytics advisory practice at PwC. He specializes in data analysis and visualization, with a focus on helping clients facing actual or potential regulatory issues or litigation.

Currently a Director within PwC Advisory and co-leader of the Forensics Services Data Analytics practice, Walker Conolly is a client service engagement leader with a focus on the financial services industry. Clients include major financial institutions and regional banks. Across 10 years with PwC, Walker has primarily focused on anti-money laundering, third party risk management, regulatory and management reporting, payments processing, and finance transformation. Within these areas, he has successfully leveraged technology to provide impactful and effective solutions for clients. Additionally, he has led the design and implementation of multiple large scale web based applications for regulatory compliance purposes.

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