Bridging the Gap Between AI and Neuroscience
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  Christy Maver   Christy Maver
Director of Marketing


Tuesday, January 31, 2017
05:00 PM - 05:45 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

The effort to create intelligent machines is receiving an increasing amount of attention – not to mention funding and research. Since most people agree that the brain is the best example we have of an intelligent system, you would think the world of AI would rely on and draw inspiration from brain theory. Yet surprisingly, there’s very little overlap between these two worlds.

At Numenta, we are on a mission to reverse-engineer the brain. While there’s more work to do, we’ve made great progress, and the implications for machine intelligence are apparent. In this short talk, we’ll discuss why brain theory is vital to AI, and how we can apply what we learn from the brain to a wide range of unsolved pattern recognition problems today.

As the head of marketing for Numenta, Christy is responsible for helping to shape the company’s story and communicate it to the world. Christy has nearly two decades of experience with marketing technology, most of which has been spent in the data and analytics space. Prior to Numenta, Christy spent 13 years at IBM in a multitude of roles, and was one of the founding members of IBM’s thought leadership group: the IBM Institute for Business Value. Christy holds a BA in Economics from Princeton University.

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